We will

It’s a New Day

It’s not that the rules have changed, today marketing is a whole new game. Change happens faster and your competition is tougher. You can’t just keep up, you’ve got to get ahead. We have the knowledge, experience, strategy and tools to get you where you want to go.

Fast Forward

We don’t look back on the previous work we’ve done for others. We look forward and imagine every possibility to help you attain your business’s greatest potential. We create strategies specific to your business and, more importantly, your customers. We know how to drive traffic.

Creative Matters

The creative message is not about what you like, what you want or what you need. It’s about what matters to your customers and the perceptions that separate your business from your competition. With our in-house copywriting, design and production teams, we control creative that ignites action.

In a world of
apple-to-apple comparisons,
we're an orange

Our Strategy

The Toland Group uses these essential guidelines to develop a unique and dynamic marketing strategy for each of our clients.


Before you can determine where you need to go, you need to clearly identify where you are now. We know how to identify lost sales and conquest opportunities. It all comes down to math.


Concentrate, dominate, advance, hold and fortify. Then repeat. It’s a proven strategy of competition and it works every time when executed properly. We know how to take yours and beat theirs.


Your message needs to resonate with your target audience and their key influencers. When producing creative that gets attention, keeps interest, maintains credibility and is compelling, one size does not fit all.


The way people engage with media and absorb advertising messages today is dramatically different. We utilize the most powerful digital platforms and traditional media outlets to optimize your business's share of voice.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. For your internal efforts and external investments, we monitor and measure actions, engagements and outcomes. Then we make calculated adjustments for constant improvement.


Profit matters. We understand the importance of the profit potential for every transaction. We’ve built our company delivering our clients a solid and consistent return on investment.

To do what you've never done,
you must do what you've never done

Our Services

The strategic tools and techniques we use generate more opportunities to do business and differentiate your business from your competition.

The Toland Group looks at advertising and marketing from the perspective of your customers in order to develop an affordable strategy to accomplish your business goals.

Our internal marketing strategies include:
  • Analyzing growth potential
  • Identifying lost sales opportunities
  • Determining budgets and goals
  • Tracking the competition
  • Conducting customer research
  • Developing referral programs
  • Administering customer retention programs
  • Generating low-to-no cost ideas
  • Working with legal advisors
  • Coordinating with compliance
  • Submitting to co-op
  • Evaluating return on investment
The Toland Group focuses on your business, your budget, your market position, your customers, your competition, your media, your advertising and your opportunities.

Our external marketing strategies include:
  • Writing advertising copy and scripts
  • Designing marketing materials
  • Producing commercials and videos
  • Creating multi-lingual advertising campaigns
  • Buying traditional and digital media
  • Understanding key influencers
  • Executing direct response marketing
  • Organizing community and grassroots events
  • Planning third-party promotions
  • Directing on- and off-site events
  • Assembling point-of-purchase displays
  • Handling public relations
The Toland Group knows how to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message, on the right device.

Our digital marketing strategies include:
  • Implementing cross-device campaigns (search engine marketing, video ads, social media ads, digital audio ads, digital display ads, responsive emails)
  • Targeting based on multi-level strategies (geographic, demographic, behavioral, contextual, retargeting, offline data, predictive data, geo-fencing, geo-recency)
  • Programming websites and apps
  • Optimizing websites (SEO)
  • Interpreting analytics, metrics and insights
  • Making calculated adjustments for constant improvement
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Monitoring online reputation
  • Responding to customer reviews

If winning was easy,
losers would do it

About Us

For more than 30 years, The Toland Group has successfully managed marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for car dealerships, local retailers, entertainment venues, tourist destinations, healthcare institutions, financial corporations, business-to-business services and regional associations from coast-to-coast. We’ve figured out what works, what doesn’t, and why. Because knowing is better than guessing.

The rhinoceros represents our philosophy for success, motivation and leadership. Rhinos are intense, passionate and focused. Rhinos see where they want to go and charge full speed ahead, knocking down anything that gets in their way.


2580 E. Main St., Ste 200
Ventura, CA 93003